But, abortion industry says abortion doesn’t cause mental illness . . .

Recently, we heard about the woman that committed suicide after having an abortion. I got in a long tete-a-tete with one reader about my post. I referenced the Guttmacher study that claims women do not suffer mental illness after abortions.

Now, this article. I don’t pretend to understand anything about suicide. I can only hypothesize. I do understand that people who attempt or succeed at suicide have many underlying issues. I expect that the stressful action of abortion may be enough to push a stable person over the edge.

A point of the new study is that women must have counseling before an abortion. In the case of Emma Beck, she was only given a phone number. There was no face to face counseling before the abortion. And, her case ended tragically.

Abortion supporters will argue that this problem can be solved by following procedure. I would agree that this part of the problem can be solved by procedure. But, following procedures every time is difficult in even the most rigid program (read the case of the Air Force flying 6 nuclear warheads over the US).

Abortion is an industry – to the tune of 1 Billion $ per year. And even the best procedures and intentions will be overlooked. Even one time is to many, as in the case of Emma.

I won’t even mention the lives of her babies. Oops.


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