Security for $1.50 per day

March 23, 2008

How much would you pay to ensure that terrorists are never able to attack us the way they did on 9/11/01? Currently, we are spending $1.50 per day for every man, woman, and child. Not only do we ensure our safety, we ensure the safety of the world’s Christian nations. All at our own expense.

Some say that at $5000 per minute, we have brought about a recession. I don’t. Although it doesn’t help. But, if we allowed more attacks on our soil, we may have been facing a depression. What is needed now is responsible spending on domestic policy.

And what is also needed is for the rest of the Christian nations to contribute. But, even if they don’t, America will continue to defend liberty of all. Defend it, just has we defended Europe in two world wars.

So, is $1.50 worth it? I think so.