Hillary Clinton stretching the truth

March 29, 2008

If you don’t realize that the Clintons twist the truth more than any (non-dictator) politicians, then you will never believe it. I don’t even think it is newsworthy. But this link is funny and I have to share.


Here’s where Jack Hoogendyk stands

March 29, 2008

Here are position statements for Jack Hoogendyk – Michigan candidate for US Senate.

Abortion: I am Pro-life.
Business: Help it expand to give jobs to more Michigan workers.
Guns: Your government ought to never get between you and your defenses.
Health care: There are several significant changes to health care which I intend to push for that will give coverage to all Americans by lowering costs, and giving more choice and opportunity than the current system.
Immigration: As the son of legal immigrants, this country needs to defend its border and ensure the right levels of legal immigration.
Jobs: Helping grow business will create more new jobs, you can do that by easing government regulations, taxes and restrictions.
Taxes: Cut them to give people their money back, and match them with spending cuts.

Anyone remember about a year ago when Mike Huckabee was polling less than 5% in Iowa? Jack has a long way to go. But, his path starts at your door. Get out the vote.

Hoogendyk vs Levin for US Senate

March 29, 2008

I like Senator Levin so much, I’d like him to start spending more time in Michigan.

Let’s send Jack Hoogendyk to Washington.  Here are some reasons.

If you want to research Hoogendyk, this is his most informative website.  I think anyone from Texas (township) deserves a good look.

If you really want to research Levin go here.

Al Gore thinks you are stupid

March 29, 2008

Al Gore will be on 60 Minutes this weekend and thinks that if you don’t agree with him on Global Warming you are stupid.  And since you are using HIS internet you need to send him a dollar.  (He doesn’t tell the truth.  Why should I?)

Here’s a link to one of my favorite RATIONAL thinkers.  www.wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com

The next time someone comments negatively about homeschooling . . .

March 29, 2008

and he tells you that your children are better off in public school . . .

Ask him which teacher loved him more than his mother loved him.

Ask him which teacher wanted him to succeed more than his father wanted.

Ask him if he wants to make it illegal when homeschoolers ‘don’t’ teach their children whether it will be illegal for principals to have students that can’t read.  Our prisons will be full.

Then Tell him that home schooled students score better than 77% of the normalized population.   Follow the link and you can SHOW him too.  They like that game in government schools.