Here’s where Jack Hoogendyk stands

Here are position statements for Jack Hoogendyk – Michigan candidate for US Senate.

Abortion: I am Pro-life.
Business: Help it expand to give jobs to more Michigan workers.
Guns: Your government ought to never get between you and your defenses.
Health care: There are several significant changes to health care which I intend to push for that will give coverage to all Americans by lowering costs, and giving more choice and opportunity than the current system.
Immigration: As the son of legal immigrants, this country needs to defend its border and ensure the right levels of legal immigration.
Jobs: Helping grow business will create more new jobs, you can do that by easing government regulations, taxes and restrictions.
Taxes: Cut them to give people their money back, and match them with spending cuts.

Anyone remember about a year ago when Mike Huckabee was polling less than 5% in Iowa? Jack has a long way to go. But, his path starts at your door. Get out the vote.


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