Condi Rice for VP

The rumors are back.  Here’s my original post on Condi Rice for VP.  While I have a lot of respect for Condi Rice’s accomplishments, I do not believe that she will be an effective VP choice.  She is not a pro-life candidate.  And, neither is Colin Powell.  I would be stunned if Powell was asked and accepted.

McCain has a huge hurdle ahead of him.  His choice could be a blunder as big as GHW Bush selecting Dan Quayle.  I will be uninspired by Pawlenty.  I’ll choke on Mitt Romney.  He may be qualified.  But, I find him to be pompous and phony.  I would be intrigued by Sarah Palin of Alaska, but, she won’t bring many votes.  Florida’s Crist may be interesting.

While I think OneMom is right about the fate of the VP on a failed ticket, Mike Huckabee’s message is important for the nation at this time.  It may be the year that people vote for the VP.  Wishful thinking, probably.

Regardless, McCain better get the pick right and do it quick.  I think he needs to generate some enthusiasm for his campaign before Obama locks up the Democrat nomination.


2 Responses to Condi Rice for VP

  1. onemom says:

    Rice needs to stick with her plans to go back into college teaching next year. Powell has been a huge disappointment in his “retirement”. To hear him talk about endorsing Obama made my skin crawl.

    I have read more than one interview with Huckabee in recent days where he clearly says that he is not on McCain’s short list. I’m not sure who McCain could pick to build the kind of excitement needed to match Obama. McCain is so unexciting, short of him dropping out of the race, I just don’t think anyone can bring that excitement.

  2. jjok says:

    I think only Pawlenty brings a possible swing state into mccain’s side. Crist will always support and campaign for mccain in florida… fact I would say that florida as a swing state is almost a lock for mccain even without crist.

    But if you look at the demographics, Palin is a very solid choice because of her age, her being a woman, and her being extremely well respected as a tough candidate who also, lets face it, looks good.

    I truly don’t think that mccain will pick a candidate to carry a state or a small region, but rather someone who brings a freshness to his campaign. That’s why the names like palin, sanford, pawlenty, jindal, hell even perry from Texas keep popping up.

    Huckabee, like him or not, is a polarizing candidate….as is Romney…..which I think you summed up in your last post. To me, it would be a mistake.

    I’m also a believer that a big part of your argument for the Repubs losing in November is missing a big question mark. The behavior of diehard clinton and obama supporters come voting time, if their candidates aren’t on the list. Alot of them have said they will vote mccain since he’s a middle of the road kinda guy…….that’s a potentially big swing and more than offsets the disenfranchised Repubs who will sit at home come voting time in November.

    Adding you to the roll, you’ve got some good points…..keep up the good work.

    BTW, what is up with the countdown on mike huckabee’s page?!?!

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