About American Soldiers

I got it from Opinionated Catholic. If you drop in on him, you’ll see where he got it. You shouldn’t be frightened by Mike the Tiger – unless you are from Ohio State.

To the point, open this link and read the letter. You’ll get another view, an unreported view of American Soldiers, of their commitment to freedom, of fairness, of selfless service.

Whether they voted for George Bush or John Kerry, whether they will vote for John McCain or Barack Obama, we are defended by professional soldiers, a volunteer military, that is second to no other. And we should all be grateful.


2 Responses to About American Soldiers

  1. jh says:

    Thanks for the link. You are about 10 Catholic blogs I have been meaning to add to my links. I keep forgetting to add them and just google you and others up. Somehow I thought I transferred you from the Huckabee secton to the Catholic Section when I was updating.

    By the way in my Louisiana Link section I have three Catholic Schoolers.

    You might take special note in Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks(Diocese of Lafayette section) that is an Catholic Author and writes on the topic a good bit. Also Vox Feminae (Diocese of Shreveport section) and Full Circle( DIocese of Baton Rouge Section) are Catholic Home schoolers too

  2. jh says:

    Oops messed up. Cajun Cottage is in the Docese of Lake Charles section and Footprints on the Fridge another Catholic Homeschooler is in the DIocese of Lafayette section

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