Mike Huckabee’s new Website and the Pope

Mike Huckabee has an announcement.  I think OneMom probably has it right in one of Kevin Tracy’s posts.

But, this year there is something else special about April 15. Despite following the extremely popular Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict has become very popular himself.

Maybe Huckabee’s announcement will be something like Tony Blair’s or Magdi Allam’s.


6 Responses to Mike Huckabee’s new Website and the Pope

  1. kevintracy says:

    Oh, this is going on my blog.

  2. kevintracy says:

    As you can see above, I just linked to this post. I think you could maybe be on to something with this post… there are a ton of indicators suggesting Huckabee IS planning on converting, as crazy as it sounds.

  3. J N ELLUL says:

    This Pope is a real scholar and although for some time he was believed to be difficult to deal with, he turned out to be a shy, scholarly, intellectual with much tolerance for those with differences of opinion. We are told that this Pope might rehabilitate Luther who in fiery revolt against the sins of the Church, founded what we now know as the “Lutheran Faith”!

  4. onemom says:

    Mike Huckabee converting to Catholicism? Hmmmm? That would be interesting.

  5. […] Chairman Huckabee Recently I posted about Mike Huckabee becoming Catholic.  Now, this was done tongue-in-cheek.  But, he does tend to follow Catholic doctrine.  That […]

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