“Bill Maher is an Idiot” or ‘Nazi Pope?’

I couldn’t decide the title of this post. So, I put both.

What is it about Bill Maher that is so entertaining? His latest hate speech involves the Pope.

Why does someone like this deserve his own show? Why does he continue to get attention?

When Mike Huckabee asked the question, “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?” he was scorned by the media and lost some of his momentum. At the time, I thought the question showed a momentary lack of judgement on Huckabee’s part. But, I didn’t think (and still don’t) that is was a slur of any sort on Mormonism. The media spun it into one and in my opinion helped unravel Huckabee’s campaign.

Yet, Maher gets a pass on his comments. Nazi Pope, organized pedaphilia. What could he say that is more discriminatory? He’s disgraceful and should not be on TV, radio, or in print.

I hope none of you support him.


14 Responses to “Bill Maher is an Idiot” or ‘Nazi Pope?’

  1. Maher is even still alive? I thought his bloated booze soaked self was already enjoying eternal reward.

    Who knew?

    You too, must be over 24. Younger than that and you would be asking “Bill who?”

    Who cares…? He is looking to get some TV face time again.

    He will scurry back into his hole soon enough. Don’t feed the troll!

  2. fortyfour says:

    I’ll be 41 next week and Bill still has a show on HBO.

    I’ve linked your website. I’m going to share it with my wife, I think she will really enjoy it.

  3. I know he still has a show… that only a small percentage of the small percentage of the people who have HBO watch. On that score I guess you could say he is doing better than I am – all I have is awordpress blog and he has a TV show…

    That as the case may be, he is a choir preacher who doesn’t reach the audience he used to – just the die hards. 12 years ago we all watched him in the dorm and (I am ashamed to say!) though he sure was clever. Now I realize he is just immature, contrarian and rude…

    Thanks for the link – we will get ours updated next month and I will add you to the list. Hope you and the missus both enjoy! We are a snarky group of contra-contrarians.

  4. fortyfour says:

    I suppose (hope) you are correct about Maher’s dwindling audience. Very frustrating though that it is open season on Christians.

  5. jjok says:

    Well, he did apologize……to gay people


    “My statements on the April 11th edition of Real Time with Bill Maher were intended solely as an indictment of the Catholic Church’s cavalier mishandling of the child abuse scandals over the years,” said Maher. “My comments did not in any way refer to the LGBT community, and I am sorry if they were misinterpreted that way.”

    I feel slighted.

  6. fortyfour says:

    Oh, at least he is not a complete ass.

  7. IT doesn’t even bother me anymore. Who knows who his bread and butter is, and it isn’t faithful Catholics who don’t have the time or interest in watching his premium channel slop. The free-spending consumerist GLBT community though, you can’t piss off if you ever want to work or get your hair done in that town again!

    Bill needs to say stupid things to be Bill. Have we all forgotten his lauding of the 9/11 homicide-hijackers as “truly courageous” versus the men and women who use smart bombs rather than planes with innocent men, women, and children?

    He can go push a rope, frankly he is a has-been, so at this point it is like watching a shock-jock DJ who has lost his ability to shock.

    Besides, picking on the Pope isn’t exactly ballsey or original!

  8. Thomas Mon says:

    Please sign the petition to Fire Bill Maher at FireBillMaher.com

  9. Thomas, there will be a post with a link to it within a few hours on The Black Cordelias!

  10. TC Waddy says:

    I just

    1) signed the petition at http://www.firebillmaher.com
    2) FIRED HBO from my cable bill – (saved $19 per month!)
    3) donated that $19 to American Life League for hosting FireBillMaher.com

    And I actually feel like I did something good today!

  11. JS says:

    This guy is a sick piece of crap.
    Droped HBO because of his sick show.

  12. Christine says:

    This guy just makes me sick. I know I should not let Maher’s ignorance get to me, but it does. I am so tired of any religious person being labeled as a biggot. This is simply a result of the inability of such idiots to remotely comprehend anyone who lives by a code of moral beliefs. Yet they live by a code as well and its called immorality. The wrongdoing of some makes a point that we are all human. The wrongdoing of Bill Maher makes him a D-list celebrity. I have 20 bucks that says he has done some things behind closed doors that would make Hugh Hefner blush. So I am a biggot, well better that than a hypocritical washed-up almost has-been idiot with the integrity of a trashcan. Not to mention the mentality of a grapefruit. (I promised not to go so far as to mention his physical resemblance to a lab-rat.)

  13. DismasUSA says:

    I’I’m no fan of Bill Maher. But I’m tired of being lumped in with Catholics!
    Catholics aren’t Christians! They believe the Pope is Jesus incarnate, and nobody can get to heaven without Mary’s help. Acts 4:10 Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. 4:11 This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    Everybody blames Christians for the Inquisition, when it was the Catholics. The Catholics killed millions of Christians for reading the Bible. After the Christians read the Bible they realized that the Pope and the Priests were false Prophets, and false teachers. So the Catholics killed the Christians for believing what the Bible said, and turning away from the teachings of the Catholic “Church”.

    As a Christian I am offended by the lies spread by Catholicism. The Pope has been considered by many Christians to be the antichrist, because of the claims by Popes that they are incarnations of Jesus the Christ. There is only one Jesus Christ, and He sits at the right hand of God the Father , to this day.

    • Vince says:

      I haven’t written on this blog in months. But tonight, I decided to because you, DismasUSA are quite possibly as ignorant as Bill Maher himself. Understand, ignorant does not mean stupid.

      You’re lumped in with the Catholics? Ta Ta poor baby.

      Where to start – can’t get to Heaven without Mary’s help. Where did you get that? You are obviously uneducated in the teachings of the Church. Seems you are listening to the lies spread about Catholics. I, too, am unworthy of defending the Church. But, this I know. Catholics do not pray to Mary. They pray for Mary’s intercessions. They pray for the intercessions of many Saints.

      Christian, have you ever asked someone to pray for you? “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.”

      Now tell me. How is that different from the intercessions you’ve asked of friends and family – the same intercessions you have offered for the same friends and family? Surely you believe that Mary was holy? Surely, the perfect earthly being of Christ would not be held in a vessel that was unpure? Surely you don’t believe that we are unworthy of Mary’s intercessions to Christ?

      True, people who called themselves Catholics killed during the Inquisition. If a person is unwilling to follow the laws of God, then their actions may not be holy.
      They will pay for their sins, just as you and I will pay for ours. Priests commit sins, protestants commit sins, Mormons commit sins, all of us commit sins. But the Church did not kill. Peter, you are the Rock. Jesus intended one Church. Priest still have free will and can choose the path to Hell. But the path to Hell is NOT the path the Church (Jesus) lays out for us.

      So be offended. Continue to abhor the Catholic Church – stand with Bill Maher.

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