Global Warming Hoax

You all know that I like Wattsupwiththat.  He’s a clear thinker.  And, he has a protegeA youthful, clear thinker.

I have written many times about the hysteria of global warming.  When studying data, you must recognize that everyone’s ability to collect data is not equal.

Temperature measurement in chemical industries is particularly difficult.  You have to make many decisions.  Sometimes the most difficult to answer is what level of accuracy do you need?  If you are separating two components with very different boiling points, accuracy is not that important.  If you are measuring a reaction temperature that is critical to quality, accuracy is very important.

Take a look at how the GLOBAL WARMING data is being collected.  If you think this data is credible, then you need to spend a little more time on Kristen Byrnes’ website or at wattsupwiththat


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