Energy Cost, Nuclear Power, and Two things I love about the French

I don’t really like paying $3.75 for gas. And pulling oil from the National Reserve is not a solution to energy crisis. Neither is Ethanol. There are better options.

I do like nuclear power. And, it is a solution.

The US Military has used Nuclear power for a very long time. The USS Nimitz is an example of that.


  • is powered by two nuclear power plants.
  • can support 6000 people.
  • travels at 30 knots (35 mph)
  • has 4.5 acres of flight deck

Nuclear Power is one of the things that the French get right. They get 75% of their power from nuke plants. And they make $4.6 BILLION exporting power.

Nuff said!

Oops. I promised two things I love about the French. I give you . . . LeCar.


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