A Michigan Election Flashback – a peek into the future

Since Huckabee dropped out, I haven’t been studying the results as closely.  I’ve swallowed the pretty pills the republicans send me each week and I expect to be voting for McCain.  Bob Barr’s campaign is more fizzle than sizzle and I’ve voted for Ross Perot one to many times in my life.

Besides, once I’ve accepted my role as loyal pawn, the subliminal messages hidden in the music I downloaded from the GOP website aren’t quite so annoying.  And the 3 families of illegal aliens undocumented workers living next door to me needed my children’s bicycles more than they did.  I should buy more anyway – so China can raise its standard of living.

On to the point . . .

I think we’ve finally come to the end of the primaries for the Democrats.  Obama crushed Hillary in North Carolina.  And Hillary squeeked by in Indiana.

The ending to this tale was told on January 15th by the Michigan election that Hillary won by a whopping 15%.  I know you are asking, “How can a Hillary victory foretell her eventual defeat?”  Because, her opponent in Michigan was Uncommitted.  And Uncommitted drew 40% in a state that should have loved her.

Candidate Popular Vote
Hillary Clinton 55%
Uncommitted 40%

Not enough evidence for you?

Candidate Popular Vote
Hillary Clinton 328309
Mitt Romney 338316

Against Uncommitted, she won 328309 votes.  Mitt Romney out performed her with 338316 votes against 2.5 legitimate opponents in McCain, Huckabee, and Ron Paul.  (Judging by the yard signs, Ron Paul still has a strong following in Michigan.)

It’s time to get interested again.  I have MANY reservations about voting for McCain.  But, evil lurks in Barack Obama.  He is the most Pro-Abortion candidate in history.  And he must not win.


3 Responses to A Michigan Election Flashback – a peek into the future

  1. onemom says:

    Regarding Ron Paul, I won’t be surprised to see a little uprising at the Republican Convention.

    Regarding Barack Obama … the darkness in his soul is terrifying (I am referring specifically to his fight against the Born Alive Protection Act). Mathematically it looks impossible for Clinton, but I don’t think she’ll go quietly.

  2. fortyfour says:

    We could use a little uprising. I’m also glad to see Huck continue to draw votes – a not so subtle reminder for McCain.

  3. jjok says:

    yes, he must not win.

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