The Church to excommunicate Bishops who ordain Women Priests

Of course the women will be excommunicated as well. In the past, this has been handled on a case by case basis. But, now, the excommunication will be immediate. (Source).  I hope someone more eloquent than me (maybe the Black Cordelias or The Opinionated Catholic ) picks this up and defends the Church’s position on this.

I don’t understand the desire for women to be priests. I also cannot understand why Bishops would blatantly ignore Church rule. If you read Canon Law, it is very clear that “a baptized male alone receives sacred ordination validly.” The Bible doesn’t say that women are unequal to or less important than men. But, it does establish roles.

I had a discussion once with someone that left the Catholic Church. He left the Church because of his marriage – she was Baptist and he joined her church. He said he felt a flaw in the Catholic Church was that women, if called, should be allowed to be Priests. I asked why? Where in the Bible does it say that life will be easy, that we always get what we want?

Being part of the Church is not like being part of the Republican party. I don’t get a say in the rules of the Church. I do not get to vote for Its leader and I do not get to write It’s platform. If you cannot live with that, there are many, many alternatives for you. You can, just like my friend, join a different church.


4 Responses to The Church to excommunicate Bishops who ordain Women Priests

  1. Debbie says:

    Why do you reference canon law and the Bible in the same paragraph above as if they were one and the same? Canon law – and even Biblical canon itself – were decided upon hundreds of years after Christ through an extremely political process where bishops and other high ranking clergy wrangled over what should or should not be included. The official Roman Catholic Biblical canon wasn’t even official until the Council of Trent in 1546 (and as late as 1672 for Greek Orthodox).

    You said that your friend felt that women, if called, should be allowed to be priests and you asked, “Why?” So you are asking why, if God calls a woman to be a priest, should she be allowed by men to serve that way? How about because that is her God-given calling! Who are humans to stand in the way of God’s will?

    The New Testament is replete with examples of Jesus admonishing the Pharisees and Sadducees for essentially worshiping the letter of the law at the expense of God’s ultimate desire for perfect love through the law. (Healing on the sabbath is just one story that comes readily to mind).

    Our female pastor – who was called to the ministry in her 40’s – has a true and Godly gift. The Catholic church is missing some catholic perspectives by clinging to the human-made rule preventing women from serving as Priests.

  2. fortyfour says:

    Hi Debbie. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am just a layman. From my view, Canon Law is the set of rules that establishes the governance of the Church. Jesus appointed Peter the head of His Church. Did Peter ordain women? Were there not women worthy of ordination in Peter’s time? Who was a more devoted follower of Jesus than Mary? Yet she wasn’t one of 12?

    Titus 2 says that women should be self-controlled, chaste, good homemakers, under the control of their husbands, so that the word of God may not be discredited.

    It doesn’t say women are unworthy. And especially it doesn’t say women obedient to the Church as men. In fact, in my experience, most women are more devoted to Church teachings than most men. But, the role is established biblically.

    The way I see it, according to the Church, God would not call women to the Priesthood. Women are called to equally important roles – sometimes to religious orders, sometimes to the sacrament of marriage, sometimes to a celibate single life, but, never to headship over the Church.

    My point though is this. The Catholic Church is the original Church. It’s teachings on this subject have not waivered. If anyone is unable to live within the confines of Its rules, he or she has free will and can join a church that matches his own beliefs.

    I don’t in any way mean to demean or devalue any woman (or man for that matter) who choses to live under a different set of beliefs. I am grateful that you have found a leader who can spiritually guide you.

    I’m curious to know if you believe that the Catholic Church should change to match your beliefs. If so, why are you more qualified than the Pope?

    I hope this comes across with the respect I intended.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Debbie,

    Problematic is the false dichotomy you place that the Bible itself (which canon you wish to demonstrate was of late origin – that is a grand oversimplification) can’t be cited alongside canon law and vice versa?

    Why not?

    If there is a sense and understanding that the Mystical Body of Christ is a living breathing institution that is alive in the spirit, instituted by Christ Himself and still today a faithful bride, why would it be problematic to understand that She has a teaching authority, not the least of which was the codification of the scriptures which are an element of a living breathing tradition?

    As to your pastor and her Godly gifts…. If we are reduced to debate on what are such highly emotive and experiential grounds as in “one feels it” or “clearly sees the manifest actions of the Spirit”… Well I will bow out of such well before even getting into it. What can one say against your very own personal judgement of the Spirit?

    But I am left to wonder… Feeling comfortable reducing the canons and canonical scripture to something about which we can have reasonable doubt… well how can you be confident in having reasonable assurance that there is enough “Gospel” that is correct and not “human-made” and you in turn are in tune with it? All things being equal, how do we have confidence about what is reliable and to be believed? Are we sure that priesthood itself is not “human-made”? Irony of ironies if your hermeneutic of scripture and tradition itself is informed by the wrong aspects of this “human-made” canon and priesthood itself isn’t something reliably found. Oh dear, what then?

  4. Father Joe says:

    An atheist of all people argued for women priests and decided to quote my blog, starting a debate.

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