Guttmacher, Abortion, and Universal Health Care

Guttmacher has a new article on its website.

Consensus Grows That Patients’ Needs Ultimately Outweigh Providers’ Right To Refuse Services.

If you do not know, Guttmacher is a pro-abortion organization.  One of their goals is to make sure that your child has access to an abortion if she ever wants one.

From their website, a segment of their vision statement: Essential to this vision are societal respect for and protection of personal decision-making with regard to unwanted pregnancies and births . . .

What does that mean?  Unwanted births?

Back to the article – Guttmacher and other pro-death advocates would like to FORCE medical providers to offer treatment options that go against their own religious and moral principles.  Pharmacies will have to provide birth control medications including the morning after pill.  Doctors will have to provide abortions.

To all of you who want Universal Health Care, this is what you will be getting.  It will remove your choice of doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, options.  AND, it will remove the personal freedom of the providers.

And when that happens, some people won’t become doctors or nurses or pharmacists or X-ray technicians because they won’t allow themselves to be forced to do something they know is WRONG.  And, when you need them, they won’t be there for you.

Let Obama win and that is what we will get.


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