Some Thoughts about tonight – June 3, 2008

I’m watching John McCain’s speech. He looks energetic tonight and ready for the challenge that lays ahead of him. I lean towards supporting him, but, more out of a desire to prevent the election of the most liberal (and possibly least experienced) Democrat candidate that has ever run.

At the same time, I’m expecting a large turnout for Ron Paul in Montana. Not unlike Texas, Montana is a fiercely independent state. In fact, Montana is asserting that if the Supreme Court screws up the 2nd Amendment ruling, that the government will have broken its contract that brought it into the United States.

I don’t blame them. Look for Texas to do the same.


2 Responses to Some Thoughts about tonight – June 3, 2008

  1. onemom says:

    I missed McCain’s speech, but Jeffrey Toobin on CNN said it was the worst speech he’d ever seen McCain give … that he was having trouble reading the teleprompter and there were only a few hundred people there (compared of course to Obama’s tens of thousands). I saw part of Clinton’s speech … I was a little surprised that she did not concede.

  2. fortyfour says:

    His delivery will never be great. Most people don’t have the gift of Huckabee and Obama. But, to me, there was a sparkle in his eye that indicated he was ready for the real contest to begin.

    I have to believe that Bobby Jindal will be giving a speech a the convention. He is a good speaker. And, it should be one that will launch his national career, much like Obama’s did in 2004.

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