I have a bad habit

of leaving the left over of my morning coffee next to my computer.

I’m at home this week recovering from and enjoying the birth of Christina.  I think I may have broken the habit.  I’ve been craving pizza and a beer for a couple of weeks.  Today was the day.  My wife is resting with Christina upstairs.  I had lunch with our other 3 kids.

I took the left over of my beer to my desk and logged on for some cold beer and news.  Time to quench my thirst, one misguided grasp, and a mouthful of cold coffee.  Yuck.  Quite unpleasant.

Pavlov was right.  Animals can be conditioned.  I’m putting up my coffee cup now.


One Response to I have a bad habit

  1. kevintracy says:

    Haha, I used to leave my pop cans all over my desk. If I got bored, I’d use them as building blocks and see how high I could stack them. Well, one day I reached for my can of pop and sure enough, it was one I had only half emptied from probably a few weeks earlier.

    I still leave the pop cans on my desk… I just make sure I drink them faster 🙂

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