Welcome Christina Marie

Today, June 8, we celebrate the birth of our 4th child, Christina Marie.

It was a long day, labor started just before 8:30 am Mass. My wife gave birth at 2:45 pm. It took some convincing, but, they finally agreed to let us go home at 9:30 pm.

She’s our newest Huckabee supporter.


6 Responses to Welcome Christina Marie

  1. Nick says:

    Congratulations! That’s a good looking kid.

    Four’s a good start. 🙂

    –Nick (Eldest of ten)

  2. fortyfour says:


    10 is amazing. I don’t think we’ll get there. From my view, this was the toughest labor for my wife. I tell people all the time, if we were able to start earlier in our marriage, we might be at 6. I warn my young friends not to wait.

    Without a doubt, being a father is my greatest accomplishment. Unfortunately, it is, perhaps, the easiest and most difficult thing to do.

    Thanks for dropping in.

  3. onemom says:

    Welcome Christina Marie! What a little cutie and truly a precious joy!

  4. jjok says:

    congrats on the newborn…..I’ve got 4 of my own, but I cheated by having 3 at once.

    Happy “comingup” Dad’s day to you.

  5. fortyfour says:

    Thanks OneMom and JJOK. She is a cutie and our 4 yo thinks being a big sister is, “Lovely.”

    We had all three with us during labor and delivery at the hospital. They were wonderful and right next to Mom as soon as Christina was out. It was great to see the love in my kids eyes when it happened.

    jjok – 3 at once is NOT cheating. One at a time is enough for me. Thanks and Happy Father’s day to you too.

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