OneMom, Cathlete, Abortion, and the World’s Worst Website

I’ve been pretty lazy busy lately.  I took a break to look at OneMom.  She has a post begging people to not kill their babies.  One of the comments is from Cathlete.

I’ve checked on them some from OneMom before.  But, I’m adding them to my list.  You should check on them too.

Back to the comment, she tells a story about an acquaintance who visited with Pope JPII.  He told the pope he was praying for him.  The pope replied, “But you must pray mooooooooooore.”

We should all pray to end the violence against children – and – don’t forget the unborn – and – each other.

This is how Cathlete ended her comment:

Holy Innocents, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, pray for us!

Oh, yeah.  Cathlete also has a link to the World’s Worst Website.  I nervously clicked it – sure that it would take me back to my own home page.  It didn’t.  Obviously, she hasn’t been here yet.  Thanks anyway.


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