Hello Friends

A quick update. . .

I brought the family down to Texas/Louisiana for house hunting.  Settled on a  decent rent house in Beaumont.  The ‘engineer’ in me won’t let me buy until I have a contract on my Michigan house (might be renting a while).

Adding Father Joe to my web links.  He recently left a comment on one of my posts about Women Priests.  We are a very conservative Catholic family.  I don’t pretend to be the best Catholic – heck – I’m not even a good one.  I struggle with the concept of women priests.  I understand that some people – a lot of women and men – think women should be priests.  I get it.  But, I don’t agree with it.

There are plenty of Christian religions that support female led ministry.  And, if that is what you need, you should seek it.  The Catholic Church does not exclude women from religious life.  Nor, in my opinion, does it demean women by excluding them from headship in the church.  It has clearly defined roles for women – not less important – just different from men.  I think that’s ok.  My wife would agree.  A wise husband should seek counsel from his wife – I should probably do it more.  Women are CRITICAL to the past and continued success of the Church.  But, even small ripples can lead to everlasting (and sometimes undesired) change.

Christina Marie is 4 weeks old today – wow.  I had to leave them all down in Texas while I work with the movers in Michigan.  I’m going to miss a whole week of her life – 20% by the time I get back to her.  I miss her already.


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