August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav will be getting close enough to me that I will be evacuating.  Not much, if any, access to the internet.

Last time I evacuated, (Hurricane Rita) I took me over 17 hours to get 200 miles.  My brother met me at the same place, it took him 34 hours.  And I had to drive down to bring him enough gas to make it.

Bad deal.  So, we are leaving as early as possible this time.

Hey, somebody take care of the superhighway for me!


Did Palin try to get ex-brother-in-law fired?

August 30, 2008

He seems like such a nice guy.  He tested his taser on his own child.

So did she try to get her ex-brother-in-law fired?  If she didn’t she should have.

John McCain selects Sarah Palin

August 29, 2008

From a John McCain campaign e-mail

My Friends,

I am honored to announce that I have chosen Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as my choice for the Republican nominee for Vice President. As a father with three daughters, I can’t express how proud I am to choose the first female Republican Vice-Presidential nominee.

Sarah Palin is a trailblazer and a reformer. As the first female governor of Alaska, she challenged a corrupt system and has been a tireless advocate for reform – passing a landmark bill on ethics reform. She has taken on the old politics in Alaska and reformed the state’s energy industry. She rejects wasteful pork barrel spending. She’s fearless – exactly the type of leader I want at my side and the type of leadership we will bring to Washington.

My friends, together Sarah Palin and I make the strongest presidential ticket and I know that she joins me in asking for your support as we head into our Convention week in Minnesota. We’re shaking things up in this campaign – and Governor Palin and I are ready to bring real reform to Washington.

Nice Words from Mike Huckabee

August 29, 2008

From HuckPAC:

Sarah Palin is a pleasant surprise for those of us who had hoped that Senator McCain would pick a principled and authentic conservative pro-life leader.  Sarah Palin is both principled and authentic.  As a Governor, she also brings an important balance of understanding of the critical domestic issues that is needed and that the Democrats have ignored with their ticket.  Governor Palin is smart, authentic, tough, and a dynamic choice that will remind women that  they are not  welcome on the Democrat’s ticket, they have a place with Republicans.

Mike Huckabee

Obama Campaign on Palin pick

August 29, 2008

From the Politico:

the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.

So go back to thumping your bibles and oiling your guns you small town hicks.

If McCain/Palin ticket loses . . .

August 29, 2008

Does that mean America is full of male chauvinists?

kind of insulting isn’t it?

Sarah Palin?

August 29, 2008

The first time I wrote about Sarah Palin, I said I would be intrigued, but, that she wouldn’t pull many votes.

BUT, I think McCain may have made the first brilliant move in his campaign. Hillary’s women are still PO’d.

She’s a solid conservative with executive experience. Because of her governorship, she is more qualified than any of the candidates – especially Barack.

This may be fun.

But, if he doesn’t pick Palin, he will let the air out of the balloon.