A Right to Privacy

I have no problem with airport security. I don’t mind standing in the slightly longer lines at the airport. I don’t mind taking my shoes off, I don’t mind being frisked. One time, I took a weekend trip to California to attend a funeral. I was frisked 4 times – once for each embarking. No problem.

Until now. The Department of Homeland Security says it can confiscate your computer without suspicion, take it to an off-site location, examine it, share its contents with any agency it deems necessary. That includes your cell phone, your i-pod, your digital camera, and anything else that store electronic data.

I found this policy on the Department of Homeland Security website. Immigration is allowed to inspect passengers and possessions of inbound travelers. I’m not an immigration law historian. But, I suspect this policy, as aluded to in posting, was intended to catch illegal immigrants using forged documents. I’m pretty sure that’s what the sophisticated $100 passports are intended to do. Now, the policy is being used to infringe on privacy. STOP STOP STOP.

The US Constitution ONLY ONLY ONLY protects American Citizens, not Pakistanis, not Iraqis, not Germans, not even Canadians or Mexicans. If Immigration law is written to allow this type of search for foreign travelers then so be it. We have a right and a responsibility to protect our country from dangerous foreign invasion of any kind.

But, allowing this type of search of AMERICANS, without Probable Cause, is not, nor ever should be legal. It is a slippery slope to the government searching my computer while I’m on-line and without my knowledge.

Happy Flying.


One Response to A Right to Privacy

  1. John Feeney says:

    I really want to believe the US Constitution is ONLY for American Citizens, however it seems foreigners know more about the Rights in America without being a Citizen. How did that happen?

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