Random Thoughts about Gas, Obama, and Texas

Since I moved to Texas, I’ve been very tired of almost $4 gas.  But, having just moved from Michigan, I feel fortunate for not paying $4.30 for gas.  My new commute is 35 miles one way.  The recent drop in price can be attributed in part to OneMom.  But, maybe more influential is the increasing demand by the public, the President and at least one of the major candidates to drill for oil.

I’m a little tired of hearing how drilling won’t make a difference for 10 years.  Bunk, bull, and poppycock.  First, it won’t take that long.  Second, and more importantly, the natural forces of supply and demand has been demonstrated.  Just the anticipation of increased production has resulted in the inverse of what oil speculation has caused.  Speculators are now in the position of sitting on oil they cannot afford to sell.  Net result, the price of gas drops.


Do you believe this about Obama?  My wife has a theory.  Recently, Obama has come out in favor of Faith Based initiatives.  She thinks this is a ploy by Obama to get Churches linked to federal funding.  Once accomplished, he will push to FORCE churches to not only recognize but peform same sex marriage ceremonies.


I think I would have a difficult time serving on a capital murder jury.  I am not certain that I could rule in favor of the death penalty.  That said, I believe goverments, state and federal, are entitled to have this penalty for heinous crimes.  I also definitely believe, know, that I am not a citizen of the world, but, an inhabitant.  States of America are not obliged to live by international law.  And this guy earned his penalty.  And paid with his life.  Don’t mess with Texas.


3 Responses to Random Thoughts about Gas, Obama, and Texas

  1. jjok says:

    seems a lot of folks don’t realize the whole oil situation at all.

    The dems blame speculation and big oil, yet big oil’s margins are the same and the dems themselves speculate when they say that drilling won’t affect price.

    Seems counterproductive.

    To me, it seems that drilling is a stop gap. In other words, I don’t think the price of oil will necessarily drop significantly, but rather it will curb any giant increase in price.

    4$ a gallon gas, I think, is here to stay. Now if we can just stop it from quickly getting to 5, 6, 10$ a gallon…….that’s what drilling will help avoid.

    That’s my opinion……Hope you’re enjoying Texas.

  2. fortyfour says:

    Thanks for finishing my thought – Yes, drilling now will buy time to have a REAL energy policy that will prevent $10/gallon gas.

  3. […] of the questions hit on one of my wife’s concerns. Will Oback use federal funding to undermine Faith Based programs. I think his non-answer […]

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