It’s above my pay grade

Barack Obama’s answer to when does life begin:  It’s above my pay grade.

Really?  Because it is a fundamental question that divides this country.

How about some clarification, the question was not what does science believe, what does Al Gore believe, what does God (I assume that’s who he was referencing in his answer) believe.

The question was what do you believe?  If you cannot answer that question, if you cannot honestly tell us your position on that basic question, how could I even consider voting for you?

Unfortunately, in this debate format, there wasn’t any follow up questions.  I would have loved to hear a question about BAIPA.


One Response to It’s above my pay grade

  1. dave says:

    To answer that a question is above your “pay grade” is to attempt to push the responsibility for having an answer to the question on someone else.

    Is he not qualified to think for himself?

    It’s not rocket science, it’s a moral and philosophical question that everyone should think about.

    If Obama is going to push his view and back legislation in relation to abortion, he should have an answer to that question that he can explain in a thoughtful manner.

    “Above my pay grade” is no excuse for backing murder.

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