The Saddleback Not-a-debate Debate

I watched the debate last night. It was possibly the single most informative Presidential debate I have ever seen. The same questions asked and answered by both candidates.

I’m not a Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren follower. Never seen him speak, never read one of his books. And, after last night, I’m still not going to read his books. But, I understand why so many people have. He is an engaging, thoughtful person.

Back to the debate. While I was in Michigan, I was definitely voting McCain. My goal was to prevent the most socialist, pro-abortion candidate from being elected. And the best way to achieve that was supporting McCain.

NOW, I’m in Texas, a state that will definitely not go Obama. I can re-examine my choice. And, last night was a good point to shove off from.

Good, not great. I would love to have seen Bob Barr answer the same questions.

Here’s what I did see. McCain answered his questions. No squirming. No doubts. But this venue definitely favored McCain. John McCain did nothing to hurt himself last night.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, did nothing to help himself. His strategy is not to WIN the evangelical vote, but, to siphon some of McCain’s base. He doesn’t need a lot. In my opinion, he struggled with the cornerstone question for evangelicals. How firmly do you stand on abortion? We all know, he’s on stilts and on leg is shorter than the other.

One of the questions hit on one of my wife’s concerns. Will Oback use federal funding to undermine Faith Based programs. I think his non-answer sufficiently answered the question that he will force churches that accept federal funds to hire outside of their faith. And even more devious, he will ultimately force them to practice outside their core beliefs – ordaining women (for the Catholics) or performing same sex marriages.

McCain didn’t hurt himself with me. When the rumor was floated that he was considering picking pro-choice Tom Ridge, Michael Savage suggested that someone inside the McCain camp was trying to sabotage the campaign. Ha, it’s worth a laugh and might be true. McCain had better tread lightly.

Here’s some things I heard McCain say:

1. Homeschooling works. He mentioned homeschooling at least twice. I think my ears twitched when I heard it.

2. Life begins at conception. Barack couldn’t answer that question, it’s above his pay grade. How about when in doubt error on the side of life???

3. David Patreus will be an advisor.


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