Hurricane Gustav will be getting close enough to me that I will be evacuating.  Not much, if any, access to the internet.

Last time I evacuated, (Hurricane Rita) I took me over 17 hours to get 200 miles.  My brother met me at the same place, it took him 34 hours.  And I had to drive down to bring him enough gas to make it.

Bad deal.  So, we are leaving as early as possible this time.

Hey, somebody take care of the superhighway for me!


2 Responses to Gustav

  1. onemom says:

    The highway is under control. Hope you and yours are safe and sound.

  2. fortyfour says:

    Thanks OneMom. We made it back a couple of hours ago. And, the only loss was the lap top that evacuated with us.

    The bad weather stayed far enough east of us. Still waiting to hear about damage from my dad and brother in Lake Charles.

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