John McCain’s Speech

Opinionated Catholic has a link to the speech.  There is one line not included.  After being interrupted by Code Pink, Senator McCain said, “The American people want us to stop yelling at each other.”

I was reading Bob Novak’s latest article, My Brain Tumor,  today.  In it, he talks of Ted Kennedy.  I have been a lifelong hater of Ted Kennedy, his politics and his lifestyle.  Bob Novak reminds us that is possible to disagree, even dislike, and at the same time be human, at the same time treat each other with compassion.

My dear friend, the Democratic political operative Bob Shrum, asked Sen. Kennedy’s wife, Vicki, to call me about Dr. Friedman. I barely know Mrs. Kennedy, but I have found her to be a warm and gracious person. I have had few good things to say about Teddy Kennedy since I first met him at the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, but he and his wife have treated me like a close friend. She was enthusiastic about Dr. Friedman and urged me to opt for surgery at Duke, which I did.

The Kennedys were not concerned by political and ideological differences when someone’s life was at stake, recalling at least the myth of milder days in Washington. My long conversation with Vicki Kennedy filled me with hope.

John McCain has given us a reminder.  Let’s treat each other with respect.


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