The Presidential Debate: Remember Ross Perot?

I’m waiting for the presidential debate to start.  I’m waxing nostalgic for Ross Perot and his poster board props.  At the same time, I’m glad Ross Perot isn’t running again.

Will McCain be ready for the debate?  I’m hoping they don’t hold him back.  I like people who are themselves – all the time.  One of my favorite operators was Grouchy Bob.  Bob complained about everything, all the time.  Bob also did his job very well, then pitched in and did other people’s jobs.  I’ll put up with a lot of things for a guy like that.

8:10 PM I’m not liking the format already.

Say it to him?  What?

Jim Lehrer: Senator McCain, Senator Obama says your mother wears army boots.

McCain: What?! You little turd.

OK.  That didn’t happen.

Obama has asked for $1MM per day for every day in the senate.  McCain is a little stiff in his delivery.

8:20 PM

Now he’s warming up.  $900MM may not seem like a lot of money to Obama.

35% Business Tax.  The second highest in the world.

$7000 per child tax credit. Woo Hoo!

The energy bill adorned with Christmas ornaments.  McCain voted against it. . . Obama voted for it.

McCain says Obama has voted to raise taxes on those making $40M/yr.

What are you willing to cut to pay for the Financial Rescue Plan?   Obama, “we have to have energy independence, we have to fix our health care system, spend more on science and technology and education, rebuild our infrastructure.”  I hope McCain replies, “He asked what you were going to cut not what you are going to spend more on.”

McCain: Obama has the most liberal voting record in the senate.  It’s hard to reach that far across the aisle when you are so far to the left.

8:30 PM

JL: What are you going to cut

Obama: I want to invest in energy.

McCain: Spending freeze

Obama: There are some places where we need more spending.

McCain:  We’re sending 700 BILLION per year overseas – Drill here, drill now.  We need nuke power, wind power, etc.

Obama: tough decisions.  We’ve got to know what our values are.  Health care.

McCain:  Don’t hand the health care over to the government.  Let families make the decisions.  We owe China 500 BILLION DOLLARS.  We need to reduce unnecessary spending.


McCain:  I went to Iraq in 2003.  When I came back, I said we have to change the strategy.  Our troops will come home not in defeat.

Obama: 6 years ago, I opposed this war.  We hadn’t caught Bin Laden.

McCain: Obama’s sub committee has never had a hearing.

McCain:  I’m afraid that Senator Obama doesn’t understand the difference between a strategy and a tactic.

McCain:  Sen. Obama refuses to acknowledge the strategy is working.

Obama: that’s not true. that’s not true.

McCain: Obama voted to cut of the troops.

Obama:  It’s going to take 16 months.  (but not get out, just to reduce our troops)

McCain:  Osama Bin Laden and Gen Patreus have 1 thing in common.  They both said Iraq is the central battleground.

McCain:  Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and adopt Obama’s plan.


Obama: we need more troops in Afghanistan.  It is a strategic mistake to not have more.

McCain: Yes, I want to send more troops to Afghanistan.  But, what Obama doesn’t realize is that we need a new strategy – the same strategy that is working in Iraq.

McCain:  You might think with his concern, he might take up the issues in his sub committee.


I call it a draw.  I think McCain missed some opportunities to score big.  Why not ask Obama if he voted for the funding.  When they were talking about budgets, McCain should have said, “Barack, he’s asking you what you would cut.  Not what you would spend more money on.”


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