Debate 2

Tom Brokaw should go back into retirement.  He did an incredibly poor job of moderating. Not just time management, but also question selection.  We’ve heard those questions time and time again – nothing very interesting.

Three points:

1. McCain has a legitimate approach to an energy policy.  Drill for Oil.  Build Nuclear power plants.  Pursue alternatives.

2. Obama is the most liberal member of the senate.  The country is mad that the government is broke.  Obama is a supporter of pork.

3. I understand McCain’s health proposal (not sure I agree with it).  I don’t understand Obama’s proposal.  First, Obama says if you are happy with your insurance, great.  But then he went on to say that letting us buy across state lines will only encourage insurance companies to not offer services he thinks are important.  He’s going to tell us what our policies will include.  Also, he did not deny that there would be a penalty if you don’t buy insurance, if employers wouldn’t offer it.

That said, Michael Savage may have called it.  Obama will win and McCain will eventually lose his seat in the senate.

I hope that is not the case.  Obama is the most liberal senator.  He has not been the leader in his own party.  He will be pulled around by Nancy “the Catholic Church is unclear on Abortion” Pelosi and Harry “we don’t know what to do” Reid.


2 Responses to Debate 2

  1. jjok says:

    1. totally agree
    2. totally agree
    3. both are confusing and most likely will be deemed as empty rhetoric with an economy in the absolute dumps. Mccain addressed cutting spending in a much better light than obama. To claim that the US will save 100billion by pulling out of iraq is unbelievably misleading because he wants to redevote the military resources to fight “in the hills”….um, that costs more money.

    I can’t stand Savage and think he’s just a bitter man for whatever reason. He has some good points and some awful points. To proclaim Obama will win isn’t any stretch…..the mccain comment is interesting however.

  2. fortyfour says:

    He’s poorly managed his campaign – signs of brilliance, fizzle. I’m really pretty neutral on McCain as a senator. He obviously wasn’t my first choice. Actually, I’m only at settle – and I think most conservatives are. The base is going to vote for him but not work for him.

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