The Current Election Polls and Hope

The current polls show Obama leading and probably pulling away.  It has me terribly concerned, not because I’m an ardent McCain supporter, but because I am an ardent Obama opponent. One major reason is that he is the most Pro-Abortion presidential candidate ever.  I’ve been mulling a new post on abortion.

I was over at Cathlete and sorting through the links.  I settled on Unborn Word of the Day.  And perhaps it was providence that I found an article about a very important election and Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Unborn.

After reading it, remember that prayers for the unborn may lead to the defeat of Barack Obama.


3 Responses to The Current Election Polls and Hope

  1. kane says:

    I use to be against abortion as well but I just ask one question because this actually happened so try to put yourself in this position 1st PLEASE! What if your little girl where raped at 11, 12 maybe even 13 and got pregnant would you make her carry the child then give it up for adoption or would you give her a choice—-Second case a daughter is raped by her father and becomes pregnant would you force that child tohave her brother or sister? I ask you to consider your own family not someone else’s. That is all Obama wants to do is give women a choice. It’s not that he garees with reckless women./ men and theire reckless behavior but for some (the innocent) shouldn’t they have a choice?

  2. kane says:

    For those of you who believe in GOD remember he gave us a choice, He gave us freedom to choose right and wrong, so who are we to force our beliefs on others and tell them what they must do. Should not we be like our father in heaven and give people grace as he gave to us and a”CHOICE”

  3. fortyfour says:

    That would be a devastating situation and I can only imagine the difficulties.

    Kane, what if instead of being pregnant for 9 months, somehow, the baby ‘appeared’, just as if someone handed him to you. What would you do in that situation? Could you abort him?

    I don’t think I could. Life begins at conception. You have definitely raised one of the most sensitive topics and I will try to write more on this when I have the appropriate amount of time.

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