Hey Louisiana Homeschoolers

My wife has joined STACH, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Homeschooling, in anticipation of our pending move to Sulphur, LA.  We received this e-mail about a politician, Peter Vidrine, that wants to talk to you.  If you are in Lake Charles next week, have dinner at the Piccadilly.  I haven’t researched his opponent, Boustany, so, I’ll stop short of an endorsement of Vidrine.  But, I will recommend a visit to his website.

Homeschooling families are invited to hear Peter Vidrine, candidate for US House of
Representatives, speak next week in Lake Charles on Thursday October 23, 2008. He will
be speaking at the Piccadilly on Ryan Street at 6:30. Piccadilly was gracious enough to
host this event, but requested that the people who attend order food. He will begin
speaking at 6:30, but people should show up early to get in line and order food. Please
spread the word to your like-minded friends. Peter is a charismatic speaker and it will be
an exciting event.

Here is his statement on home schooling:

On homeschooling, we certainly have a better situation in Louisiana than the rest of the
nation, but it’s still not enough.

1) I will wholeheartedly support Ron Paul‘s H.R. 1056, the Family Education Freedom Act. (
http://www.opencongress.org/bill/110-h1056/show )

2) I will also support Ron Paul’s H.R. 1059, Teacher Tax Cut Act of 2007. Concerning this
bill, however, I will seek to include home schooling parents as full time teachers, which
they are. ( http://www.opencongress.org/bill/110-h1059/show )

3) We need to protect home schoolers who live in states with less academic freedom. It’s a
civil rights issue. Throughout America, parents need to be protected from unnecessary
encumbrances from the states that either block or restrict parents from teaching their own
children. That is something I believe strongly in and will work to protect all home
schoolers. Regardless of which state a family resides in, it is their right to teach their
children in whatever manner they choose. Period.

Peter would love to speak to a homeschool group and will make time in his Lake Charles
visit to do so, perhaps at a park so everyone can bring picnic dinner or lunch, if there is
enough interest. Interested families may contact me for more information at
Vidrine is the only 100% pro-life candidate in this race and is running an amazing
campaign in spite of receiving little media attention; he needs homeschoolers’ support
and will support us if we send him to Washington.

Here is his website: http://www.peternow.com

Please spread the word


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