After living a lifetime in the south, my family moved to Michigan 1 year ago. We are a Catholic homeschooling family (3 kids and one on the way.  As we start our second winter, we are putting our energy into making Mike Huckabee the 44th President of the United States of America.

We’ve moved back to the south.  In fact, we are buying a home in Louisiana.  I’m working in Orange Texas.  I had planned on living in Texas, but, the housing market is tight – and – Hurricane Ike made it tighter.

We had a great time in Michigan.  Met lots of great folks and saw some beautiful scenery.  We touched 3 of the Great Lakes (HoMeS).  Michiganders will get that code.  Spent some time in the UP, but, I was a troll (more Michigan Speak).  Governor Huckabee had a great run.  My wife and kids saw the Huckabees on several occasions.  We’ll be ready for him in upcoming elections (of course, Governor Jindal might be ready by then).


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  1. Chris H. says:

    I just found your blog last night. What area of Michigan do you all reside? Our family moved to MI about 6 years ago. Nice to meet you via the blogging world.

  2. John Knoff says:

    Hello Mike, WELCOME TO TEXAS!! Before the Texas primaries, you need to get on the bandwagon against the Democrats, Clinton & Obama by stating that their ads are not realistic. You need to tell all of the Democrat voters to vote for you and get their support —besides the Republican voters. Tell the Democrats that when President Ronald Reagan was ONCE a Democrat and realized that the govornment could not pay for pre-K education for everyone and health care for all americans because somebody has to eventually pay for it, so Ronald Reagen became a Republican and they can TOO!!! You could hypotehetically state that all americans should have good moderately priced automobiles for transportation, but the govornment would not pay for it just as if it were not going to ever pay for pre-K education and healthcare for everyone, which the Democrats vainly express so proudly and enthusiastically. Americans themselves would have to pay for any mandatory healthcare and everyone cannot afford it including the govornment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    John Knoff
    Houston, Texas

  3. The Republicans in my district aren’t conservative enough – they advised me to keep down the God rhetoric if i want to get elected into the legislator; and I adversly advised them that if they don’t uphold God’s values and His Word there won’t be any more elections in the near future…

    Please look at my website – my link to ALL my “right wing” opinions on the front page link to our local Monroe Michigan discussion forum

    John E. Eleniewski
    US Taxpayer of Michigan Candidate for thre 56th District

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