I’m sorry Mrs. Palin. . .

October 29, 2008

your baby has downs syndrome.  We won’t pay for your delivery and his lifelong care.  But, we will pay for the abortion.

Read this article (I found it at Opinionated Catholic).  In my feeble mind, it’s not a far leap to imagine the government telling us we cannot have children when they already tell us to consider suicide.

Don’t you Obama supporters see that the culture of death is a slippery slope?  Do you really want the government dictating your treatment, even when it means your death?


Watch ABC with me on Wednesday Night

October 28, 2008

I’ll be watching Pushing Daisies – whatever that is.

Election Polls

October 23, 2008

Update: Someone reminded me I had not referenced where the poll came from – IBD/TIPP.  If you want to see updated numbers, check Drudge.  He also claims they were the most accurate poll in 2004.

It’s amazing to me how all the polls are showing different results.  Yet, the Mainstream Media only discusses the polls that has Obama pulling away.

Obama McCain Undecided
Protestant 38 51 11
Catholic 39 48 13
Other Christian 40 49 11
None 77 13 10

So, maybe, Obama has a Christian voter problem.

Additionally, he may have a patriotic voter problem.

Displays Flag Obama McCain Undecided
Yes 36 51 13
No 63 28 9

The Housing Crisis

October 22, 2008

Alright, this post is not about the real housing crisis, just ours.

Nope, no problems with the mortgage.  Amply qualified, not over-buying either.  The problem is with the market.  When we moved back south from Michigan, we planned to buy a small ranch 5-10 acres with a modest house, up to 35 minutes from work.

There’s the rub.  What is available was overpriced, run down, or the land not useful.  BUT, we finally found something promising in Vidor.  It was built by George Jones for his mother.  And would have been lovely.  But, the owners were not completely forthcoming with their disclosure.  At the last minute they remembered a major problem, but, none of the details.  Scratch that.

I canceled the deal just before we evacuated for Hurricane Ike.  The following Tuesday, my boss called me back to work.  I got up at 3AM to drive into Beaumont so I could pass through my rent house on the way to Orange.  Open the door and electricity is on.  No problems in the foyer.  Great!  Until I get to the living room.  The ceiling and insulation are on the floor.  The chimney top is in the back yard.  I’m still walking around a rain pail in the living room.

Then we decided to look exclusively in Louisiana.  Found one – 12 acres, smallish house, but 4 stocked ponds.  Sign us up.  All was going well until the title search started dragging out.  The owner had a list of problems as long as my arm that prevented the sale.

But, we are finally onto a great house.  Just under 5 acres, a nice sized home, a barn, and an air conditioned shop just minutes from my dad in Sulphur.  The sellers are going to build next door.  And as we got to know each other better, the husband has been friends with my wife’s family for decades.  Should close in a few weeks – oh please oh please oh please.

Another Perspective

October 19, 2008

I watched Huckabee tonight on Fox.  Joe the Plumber was on.  You know, I think he gets it.  He understands what taxes do to small business.  He understands what Federal programs do to small business.  He understands that government doesn’t create private sector jobs.

Now, since Barack “Spread the wealth” Obama is hurt by his own statement, the liberal media has attacked Joe.

Isn’t it a shame that that is where we are.  You are not allowed to have a different perspective.

What we need is Another Perspective.

Jack Hoogendyk debates Carl Levin

October 18, 2008

For those Michiganders looking for Hope and Change . . .

watch Jack Hoogendyk crush Carl Levin in the debate 7PM Eastern on Sunday night.

Streaming video here . . .  www.wgvu.org

Who is Joe the Plumber?

October 16, 2008

I’ve got a feeling I know this guy – or someone like him.

Here’s a link to NYP.  They have the video for now.

Some memorable lines from the debate:

1. After the 43rd time of Obama saying he’s going to defeat George Bush, John McCain said, “I know George Bush.  And Senator, I’m no George Bush.”

2.  After the 43rd time of eloquent speech, John McCain said, “He talks purty, don’t he?”

3.  When the subject of Ayers came up, John McCain said, “I don’t care if he hangs around terrorists, but, Joe Plumber does.”

All right, already.  You caught me.  McCain didn’t say those things.

He did say, “If you wanted to run against George Bush, you should have run 4 years ago.”

McCain did talk about Obama’s Eloquence and what a load of dung it is.  Read between the lines.

McCain did try to draw lines to Obama’s associations with Ayers and Acorn.  I don’t know why he didn’t say that character matters.  He could have opened with, “20 years ago, I made a mistake.  Since then, I’ve worked hard to combat corruption in government, I’ve earned the scars that go with being a maverick.  And character matters to Joe Plumber.  Senator Obama launched his career in the living room of a known terrorist, he sat on a board and collaborated with him.  He benefited from a $300M Home Purchase deal with Tony Rezko in the background.  And now, we are finding out about his associations with ACORN which has done more to earn the distrust of Joe Plumber than any organization regarding the validity of elections.”

He didn’t drive the wedge as forcefully as he should have regarding Abortion and the Supreme Court.  This could have been the knock out punch and McCain didn’t deliver it.  He approached with Obama voted present 130 times in the Illinois senate.  A passionate description of Nurse Stanek’s experience holding a born alive aborted baby while he died could have sealed the deal.

This election may be about the missed opportunities to send this ultra liberal candidate back to the senate to while away the years like Ted Kennedy has, continuing to stuff the pork away.

You Catholics out there should be ashamed of supporting Barack Obama.  There are other qualified candidates that don’t support On Demand destruction of human life.  If you need some recommendations, ask.