Hillary Clinton stretching the truth

March 29, 2008

If you don’t realize that the Clintons twist the truth more than any (non-dictator) politicians, then you will never believe it. I don’t even think it is newsworthy. But this link is funny and I have to share.


Here’s where Jack Hoogendyk stands

March 29, 2008

Here are position statements for Jack Hoogendyk – Michigan candidate for US Senate.

Abortion: I am Pro-life.
Business: Help it expand to give jobs to more Michigan workers.
Guns: Your government ought to never get between you and your defenses.
Health care: There are several significant changes to health care which I intend to push for that will give coverage to all Americans by lowering costs, and giving more choice and opportunity than the current system.
Immigration: As the son of legal immigrants, this country needs to defend its border and ensure the right levels of legal immigration.
Jobs: Helping grow business will create more new jobs, you can do that by easing government regulations, taxes and restrictions.
Taxes: Cut them to give people their money back, and match them with spending cuts.

Anyone remember about a year ago when Mike Huckabee was polling less than 5% in Iowa? Jack has a long way to go. But, his path starts at your door. Get out the vote.

Hoogendyk vs Levin for US Senate

March 29, 2008

I like Senator Levin so much, I’d like him to start spending more time in Michigan.

Let’s send Jack Hoogendyk to Washington.  Here are some reasons.

If you want to research Hoogendyk, this is his most informative website.  I think anyone from Texas (township) deserves a good look.

If you really want to research Levin go here.

Al Gore thinks you are stupid

March 29, 2008

Al Gore will be on 60 Minutes this weekend and thinks that if you don’t agree with him on Global Warming you are stupid.  And since you are using HIS internet you need to send him a dollar.  (He doesn’t tell the truth.  Why should I?)

Here’s a link to one of my favorite RATIONAL thinkers.  www.wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com

The next time someone comments negatively about homeschooling . . .

March 29, 2008

and he tells you that your children are better off in public school . . .

Ask him which teacher loved him more than his mother loved him.

Ask him which teacher wanted him to succeed more than his father wanted.

Ask him if he wants to make it illegal when homeschoolers ‘don’t’ teach their children whether it will be illegal for principals to have students that can’t read.  Our prisons will be full.

Then Tell him that home schooled students score better than 77% of the normalized population.   Follow the link and you can SHOW him too.  They like that game in government schools.

Hilling has another perspective

March 25, 2008

He has a new blog – Another Perspective.  I check on his other site every week or two.  I don’t go to his church – not even the same religion.  I’ve never met him.  He has left me a comment or two.  He seems like a nice person.  We need more nice people.  Stop by his new site.  The worst that could happen is that you get another perspective.

Homeschooling under attack in Michigan

March 25, 2008

I’m frustrated by a state that cannot balance the budget without raising taxes. I’m frustrated by a state that is losing jobs and thinks taxing businesses will not hurt. I’m frustrated by a state that has a multitude of problems and focuses on something that isn’t broken.

We are a homeschool family. We choose to home school our children in part because we can control what our children are exposed to and when it occurs. It is inevitable that they learn about homosexuality. But, it doesn’t need to occur when they are 6. It can occur after our children have learned and understand our values and are best prepared to make their own choices. They do not need to be indoctrinated in the current environmental movement. We will teach them to be good stewards of the environment through camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc. They will learn that using data will help them make the right decisions and that not understanding the data may lead them to making wrong decisions. I can go on.
I graduated with honors with a BS in Curriculum and Instruction. I was a certified math teacher in Louisiana. My wife and I also have engineering degrees. We do not think public school is evil. But, we do think we are more capable of preparing our children for life.

And we do not believe the government has the right to be involved in the development of our curriculum beyond requiring basic courses – math, reading/spelling, science, and social studies. Typically, we follow local school schedules. But, we leave some flexibility to take vacations when other people are in school.

Government involvement in our lives is a burden not a benefit. And we need to tell them to butt out – not quite so bluntly. The foundation of our country was built largely by the sweat of the homeschooled citizens. I, for one, think they did a pretty good job.

Here’s the message from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. If you homeschool and are not a member, you should join.

March 24, 2008 

Michigan:  Homeschool Freedom in Michigan under Attack! 

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends, 

House Bill 5912 has been introduced. It would require all
homeschoolers to register with the local superintendent. The bill also
would require homeschoolers to turn in the names and ages of each
child who is being educated at home and the name and address of legal
guardians or parents doing the educating. 

The bill has 24 co-sponsors, and the environment towards homeschoolers
in the House is very hostile. Many legislators came out against
homeschooling while they were discussing a bill which would require
the compulsory school attendance age to be lowered. They cited lack of
accountability as a need to regulate homeschoolers. 

Therefore, we need to contact the sponsor and co-sponsors of this
legislation immediately to let them know that Michigan homeschoolers
do not need or want these types of restrictions. 


1. Contact the primary sponsor of H.B. 5912, Representative Brenda
Clack, and give her this message in your own words: 

"Please withdraw H.B. 5912. Homeschooling is successful and working in
Michigan. Since it is not broken, it does not need to be fixed." 

Contact information for Representative Clack:
Rep. Brenda Clack: 517-373-8808, brendaclack@house.mi.gov 

2. Please call the co-sponsors of the bill and give them this message: 

"Please withdraw your support for H.B. 5912. This bill infringes on
the freedom of parents to homeschool their children. Homeschooling is
successful and working well in Michigan. We have fought hard to be
free and want to remain this way." 

We recommend that in addition to calling the assigned representatives,
that you also send an email to ALL 24 co-sponsors AND send a blind
copy to elerts@inch.org. 


If your last name begins with A-I, please call the following members: 

Joan Bauer: 517-373-0826, joanbauer@house.mi.gov
Bob Constan: 517-373-0849, bobconstan@house.mi.gov
Marc Corriveau: 517-373-3816, marccorriveau@house.mi.gov
Robert Dean: 517-373-2668, robertdean@house.mi.gov
Kate Ebli: 517-373-2617, KateEbli@house.mi.gov
Barbara Farrah: 517-373-0845, barbarafarrah@house.mi.gov
Richard Hammel: 517-373-7557, richardhammel@house.mi.gov
Ted Hammon: 517-373-3906, tedhammon@house.mi.gov 

If your last name begins with letters J-R, please call these members: 

Shanelle Jackson: 517-373-1705, shanellejackson@house.mi.gov
Bert Johnson: 517-373-0144, bertjohnson@house.mi.gov
Robert Jones: 517-373-1785, robertjones@house.mi.gov
Kathleen Law: 517-373-1799, kathleenlaw@house.mi.gov
Richard LeBlanc: 517-373-2576, richardleblanc@house.mi.gov
Gabe Leland: 517-373-6990, gabeleland@house.mi.gov
Mark Meadows: 517-373-1786, markmeadows@house.mi.gov 

If your last name begins with letters S-Z, please call these members: 

Fred Miller: 517-373-0159, fredmiller@house.mi.gov
Gino Polidori: 517-373-0847, ginopolidori@house.mi.gov
Joel Sheltrown: 517-373-3817, joelsheltrown@house.mi.gov
Mike Simpson: 517-373-1775, mikesimpson@house.mi.gov
Alma Smith: 517-373-1771, almasmith@house.mi.gov
Virgil Smith: 517-373-0589, virgilsmith@house.mi.gov
Aldo Vagnozzi: 517-373-1793, aldovagnozzi@house.mi.gov
Lisa Wojno: 517-373-2275, lisawojno@house.mi.gov