What if a man said he could control his wife?

January 31, 2008

If a woman says it, she has what it takes to be president.  I may actually watch ABC news tonight.

Of course Mike Huckabee is a religious nutjob for standing behind a biblical reference.


John Edwards – a Man of the People

January 31, 2008

“And as I was leaving, one woman said to me, “You won’t forget us, will you? Promise me you won’t forget us.”

Well, I say to her, and I say to all those who are struggling in this country, we will never forget you. We will fight for you. We will stand up for you.”

John’s House

He will stand up for you in his 28000 SF home. Is that him at the front door?

On the Record with Mitt Romney

January 31, 2008

Take your pick.

Laughing Maniaclly (imagine Tom Cruise) – The Conservative Candidate.  I don’t think so.

McCain and the “Not Very Conservative” vote – Part 2

January 30, 2008

For his second consecutive primary win, McCain did it with the “not very conservative” vote.

I am anxious to see Huckabee do well on Super Tuesday.  If the “Right” media did not have a bias against Huckabee, his campaign wouldn’t have the perception of stagnation.  Reality is, Romney’s campaign isn’t doing any better than Huckabee. In fact, if Romney wasn’t propped up by special intrest groups and writing checks from his own account, he would be doing much worse.  As others in the blog world have stated, Mike Huckabee is the only true conservative in the race.

My hopes (I’m not holding my breath) are that:

1. the Republican party will recognize the lack of enthusiasm for Romney (if people trusted him, we would be tripping over ourselves to get him elected)

2. the voters will re-examine to find Huckabee as THE viable conservative candidate.

I have been getting e-mails from the Republican Party asking for contributions so they can keep pace with the Democrats.  If the nominee is Romney, and to a slightly lesser extent McCain, they can forget it.  I may vote for them because I have no other choice.  But, I’ll be first in line when Mike gets the nomination.

Numbers from MSNBC 

Category % Total Giuliani Huckabee Hunter McCain Paul Romney Thompson
Very liberal 2
Somewhat liberal 8 11 9 55 2 24
Moderate 28 21 8 43 6 21 1
Somewhat conservative 34 14 14 35 2 32 2
Very conservative 27 12 20 1 21 2 44 1

Get Back to work for Mike

January 30, 2008

McCain is pulling ahead with 76% of the vote in Florida in.

But, it is time to go back to work for Mike.  Mike is still in the game.  But, the field narrows as it’s looking like Rudy may drop out tomorrow.

Mike’s strategy is to gather a handful of states on Super Tuesday.  He is tied or in the lead in several states and has an opportunity to get more support during the next debate.

Romney is still trying to buy the election.  Yet, the voters continue to turn to alternate choices.  The Republican establishment continues to push Romney, the talk radio guys/gals continue to tear down McCain and Huckabee.  But, Romney still doesn’t win.   It is a very real possibility that Huckabee could see another surge as a response to McCain’s win.
There are still 3 things to do to help Mike get elected.

1. Send Mike Money

2. Tell a friend – we still have a lot of friends in Texas and have been pumping them up.

3. Make Phone Calls for Mike.  Sign up to be a Ranger.  My wife made 26 more calls today.  All Mike asks for is 5.

McCain & Crist Ticket?

January 30, 2008

We are clinging to hope for Mike Huckabee.  It looks like our best bet is a brokered convention now.  Unfortunately, Huck doesn’t get much support from the Republican party.

I think McCain will start pulling Right in order to get the base republicans.  BUT, in order to win the general election, I’ve often thought he will need the Evangelical vote.  If he agrees, Mike Huckabee is on the ticket.

However, tonight, McCain owes Charlie Crist some big love for possibly swinging the election.  A lot of people (I like GW, but include myself in this group) think that the wrong Bush was elected President.   Jeb Bush was a great governor and is  still a popular in Florida.  But, Charlie Crist is even more popular.

The last two general elections have shown that Florida is a key state.  McCain may need that vote more than the support that Mike brings.

The race is on.

John McCain declared winner by Fox News at 9:11

January 30, 2008

Strange coincidence.  I’m glad it’s not Romney.